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2016 is going to be awesome. Firstly, I'm back from maternity leave - hurrah! I'll be throwing myself back into street dance as I've missed dancing around with you all so much, and I've got tons of creative, theatrical ideas to try out with all the drama students.


June 19th will see all the students performing a special piece on the final day of The GAP Festival, so we'll be working towards a 'hip hop theatre' number to wow the crowds with!

Alongside that, we will also be honing our foundation performance skills as we develop talent all round, ahead of our 5th Anniversary show to take place in the Summer of 2017. This is will be an original piece of theatre, written, brought to life and premiered in a theatre - and starring all the members of GRC!

In Class

In NX-GEN we'll be exploring projection, use of the 'space', engaging your audience, physical theatre, working with scripts, character development, vocal dexterity, 'reacting' and performing as an ensemble.

In MOMENTUM we'll be returning to foundations in Breaking and Locking, extending our knowledge and focussing on slick execution and adding in your own personality. We'll also be having lots of fun with character - dancing not only teh moves to great effect, but showing your audience what type of dancer/character you are!

Theatre Trip

We are also running a theatre trip in the Easter holidays to see the amazing 'Into The Hoods'. This show will be a masisve inspiration ahead of both our performance in June, and our show in 2017 - it's not to be missed! Book here.

LAMDA Exam Class

2016 also sees the launch of our brand new LAMDA exam class in Goring. Students will work towards individual LAMDA acting exams over the Spring and Summer terms before taking their exam. I am very excited to be working with this talented group of actors, keen to take their performances to the next level. If you are interested in learning more about our LAMDA classes please get in touch and/or read up on our website.

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