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GRC's Founder

GreenRoomCollective was founded by Laura in 2012, offering a platform for young people to have their stories and their voices heard; nurturing individual growth and empowering creative resilience through weekly classes, workshops in schools and community groups, as part of theatre outreach programmes, and by staging original Hip Hop Theatre productions written and devised in collaboration with GRC’s young people.


Through GreenRoomCollective, Laura has provided lively, inclusive and interactive arts opportunities to hundreds of young people and adults, collaborating with a variety of organisations.


Laura feels passionately that, before all else, our shared creativity should inspire community, empowerment and joy:


“ We collaborate with our students to generate a sense of identity, ownership and belonging. Our work is a celebration of life; championing connection, play, curiosity and individuality. With GRC you can find your voice and tell stories that change worlds. ” 


Laura’s approach to theatre is playful and collaborative; she brings a variety of styles to her teaching, keen to develop versatile, confident performers (and happy humans). Her love of dance is evident in the physical elements of her theatre-making and use of music within story-telling.


Laura trained at Arts Educational London and has nearly two decades of experience teaching acting, creative theatre, short film-making, musical theatre, authentic street dance and coaching for LAMDA exams.


Laura lives in Oxfordshire where she enjoys adventuring in nature, writing, going to the theatre, festivals, sharing delicious food with friends, and kitchen discos with her family.




GRC exists to inspire and empower people to believe in their authentic self, to find their voice and to create a vibrant future. Our work is a celebration of life; connecting, playing, exploring, imagining so that we may tell our stories and change worlds. Through joyful connection we foster resilience & nurture powerful individuality. Together, we make a difference.



We champion belonging, individuality, freedom of creative expression and the belief that anything is possible. These values drive our creativity and are evident in our work, interactions and ambitions.



We deliver exceptional creative training and empower communities with joyful theatre experiences. Together we lift spirits, provoke thought, overcome adversity; we engage, unite and inspire; we challenge, we educate and we triumph.

If we can do that ‘on stage’, we can do that in life. 


A vibrant future is within each of us. Discover who you are; know your worth. Life is unscripted; find your voice. 

Eco Pledge

OUR sustainability pledge

The future of our planet and of the generations to come is important to us. 

All of our clothing is made from certified organic natural materials, using renewable energy, and is designed to be sent back when it is worn out - to be made into new products, not waste. We only order what people actually need, when they need it and it arrives in plastic free packaging. 

We print only on recycled, recyclable and/or sustainably produced paper. 

We reuse, up-cycle, recycle and charity shop as many of our costumes, props and set as we are able to. New items are sourced from sustainable companies wherever possible. 

Our office is powered by renewable energy. 

So the GRC family can look good, feel good and do good. Thank you for supporting us in our pledge to keep GreenRoomCollective green

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