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Summer Term Spotlight

So what does the Summer term 2015 have in store for NX-GEN actors and MOMENTUM street dancers...?

NX-GEN @ Streatley

A nautical theme diving into all things piratical - buried treasure, deep-sea secrets, the mythical, the traditional - explored through games, exercises and improvistaions.

We'll be focussing on a variety of theatre skills and having fun with different workshops each week - and keep your eyes on the horizon for a potential local performance opportunity too: Ahoy there!

NX-GEN @ The Cedars

An exciting and varied term of games, drama exercises, improvisations and more - all developing valuable drama skills. Bring your imagination and get ready to be inventive with character, voice, action and team-work.


This term we'll be 'Popping' following in the dance-steps of the Electric Boogaloos. Popping is an authentic street dance style that originated in LA and is the technique of quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a jerk in the dancer's body, referred to as a 'pop' or a 'hit'. Combined with the boogaloo groove this is one truly effective dance style!

The second half of term sees a return to the ultra-cool style of Hip Hop: funky, fun and super fresh we'll be grooving our way into the Summer holidays for sure.

MOMENTUM have also been invited to perform and local Summer events so look out for potential performance opportunities towards the end of term!

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