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LAMDA - 80% DISTINCTION! 100% pass with Merit or above!

Every single LAMDA drama exam student passed with Merit or above - 80% achieveing the top level of Distinction and two students being awarded the FULL 100 MARKS!

These are excellent results all round and we are hugely proud of every single student. GRC take huge pride in offering top quality training and investing in each student's personal development and potential.

'The most massive thanks to you for leading, guiding and inspiring them over the months!'

'A huge thank you to you Laura for prepping them so well and getting them up to the standard they needed to be at. They worked hard but have a great teacher too.'

Special mention must go to Fleur Illingworth and Matias Prakoonwit who both achieved 100/100 marks in their first ever LAMDA exams. Astonishing!

Students took exams in Solo, Combined and Group Acting, Group Recital, Choral Speaking and Introductory Performance.

'I'm ecstatic with our result as it shows how much we can pull off when we work together, and with an amazing teacher.'

GRC students have the opportunity to take LAMDA exams as part of NX-GEN Youth Theatre weekly classes, or privately as a solo or duo learner.

Congratulations all! You've made us hugely proud!

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