Small Strokes

Safe, healthy, happy!

Easy 8 & Feeling Great!


8 ways we are keeping you healthy & happy

as we return to live classes!

  1. Risk Assessment

  2. Hand Sanitiser + Regular Cleaning

  3. Temperature Checks

  4. Face Coverings @ Drop Off & Pick up

  5. Social Distancing

  6. Increased Ventilation

  7. Rapid Testing for Your Teacher

  8. Test & Trace

Keen to know the details? Our COVID-secure measures in full + location-specific info on drop off and pick up is behind the button...


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Laura Howells-Green

We are GreenRoomCollective.


We exist to inspire and empower young people to believe in their authentic self, to know their worth and to create a vibrant future.

Investment in each student's personal journey is at the heart of what we do.


We bring passion, imagination and the belief that it’s all possible. 


We are a family.


Through youth theatre and authentic street dance we deliver exceptional training, foster creative resilience and inspire greatness.



Come join us.


      You are inspirational people who have helped my girls believe in following their dreams. Makes me so proud to see them discover themselves.


—  Dawn, Parent


We are a family here at GRC, so the best way for me to introduce myself is in person (digitally, that is).

My video shares with you more about why I founded GRC, how we choose to inspire our young people to greatness and all that you can be a part of. 


There's more about me and the full GRC team on our team page too, so click the button to get to know us all.

Welcome to the family. I hope to meet you in class soon. 



Laura shares more on our street dance and youth theatre classes & workshops that you can be a part of. 


The GRC family collaborate in celebration of life, to find freedom from fear and to tell stories that change worlds.


Our students are inspired and empowered to believe in their authentic self, to create a vibrant future and to know their worth. 


Discover why and how we do this within our ethos. 

work with us

We pride ourselves on investing hugely in everyone who is a part of the GRC family. We are thrilled to collaborate with teachers that are passionate and dedicated; we love exploring new ideas and look forward to supporting exciting vision and personal development in our teachers.

Just want to say a massive thank you - you are awesome. The perfect balance of fun and focus!

—  Eve, Guest Teacher


What a credit to you the students and their parents are. It is a testament to the ethos and culture building you do with your studio. 

—  Thom, Guest Teacher

Street Dance

Not only was Laura professional, welcoming & organised, she ensured I was

 supported in my role.

—  Naomi, Guest Teacher




BOOM. We got it!

OUR sustainability pledge

The future of our planet and of the generations to come is important to us. 

All of our clothing is made from certified organic natural materials, using renewable energy, and is designed to be sent back when it is worn out - to be made into new products, not waste. We only order what people actually need, when they need it and it arrives in plastic free packaging. 

We print only on recycled, recyclable and/or sustainably produced paper. 

We reuse, up-cycle, recycle and charity shop as many of our costumes and props as we are able to. New items are sourced from sustainable companies wherever possible. 

Our office is powered by a renewable energy supplier. 

So the GRC family can look good, feel good and do good. Thank you for supporting us in our pledge to keep GreenRoomCollective green