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GRC exists to inspire and empower young people to believe in their authentic self, to know their worth and to create a vibrant future.


The GRC family collaborate in celebration of life, to find freedom from fear and to tell stories that change worlds.


Freedom of expression empowers our young people to thrive. 


The power to voice your beliefs and the freedom to move to your own beat. 


To dance away sorrow and groove with joy. To speak up and to speak out, to say what you mean and to be heard. 


To connect.


To change the world around you in any small or mighty way. 


To know your place and to know who you are. 


That is empowerment to thrive, whatever life presents you with.



Investment in each student's personal journey is at the heart of what we do.


We bring passion, imagination and the belief that it’s all possible. 


We are a family.


These values drive our creativity and are evident in our classes, workshops, community performances and original productions. 


We champion each student’s value and contribution. 


We support our students in unlocking their talent, enhancing their strengths and mastering new skills.


We challenge expectations and limitations, enabling our students to reach their potential and grow as individuals.


We encourage our students to take universal foundations and give them life, give them groove and give them a voice that is unique to them.


We collaborate with our students to generate a sense of identity, ownership and belonging. 


We nurture the creative tenacity that makes anything possible. 


We provide a space to dream.



Through youth theatre and authentic street dance we deliver exceptional training, foster creative resilience and inspire greatness.


Our exceptional training is rich in variety, opportunity and positivity.


Our classes are inclusive, lively and interactive. 


Our teachers are experienced, passionate, approachable and invested. We bring our students together with world-leading authentic professionals.


Our rehearsals are collaborative, explorative and supportive. There is safety to fail and freedom to fly. 


Our performances are a united feel-good experience, celebrating achievements and sharing powerful story-telling. The creative journey is as important as the final performance and joy is paramount.


Our original productions imaginatively explore important themes that affect our young people and that shape their future.  A fusion of dance and theatre styles, our shows ask questions, provide hope and inspire - both onstage, backstage and in the audience.


Our family extends beyond our students; exciting opportunities are made possible with the practical and emotional support of parents, grandparents, siblings and friends. 


Collaboration. Creativity. Confidence. 

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