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No-one is too small to make a difference. 


Greta Thunberg



We have one planet so let's take care of it.

We are seeing the devastating impacts of climate change around the world and we need to act now if we are to protect our future. 

Big change is entirely possible if enough of us come together and take small positive steps. 

The world doesn't need a few people doing it perfectly; it needs millions of people doing it imperfectly. 

You matter. You have power. Count yourself in.


We are asking you to make one pledge to create positive change for our world. A small action, to do for 2 months, that helps our environment, health, or wellbeing. Then, whenever you can, make another!

One Planet : One Pledge (+ Plus!)

Small actions really do add up to make a big difference - and while you are doing good for the planet you'll be doing great things for yourself too: double win!


There are pledges for everyone, no matter your age, means or location.  


Buddy up or build a team around your pledge and enjoy the feel-good-factor together.  

Celebrate the wins, cheer each other on and perhaps even boost your pledge with some friendly competition! 


There's no need to limit it to one pledge - do as many as you like and have fun taking action together: #pledge-pals!


Every pledge made has a positive impact on our planet and our future.

Your pledge makes a difference.  

When you pledge you'll see how much carbon you could save as part of 

One Planet : One Pledge + 

After 2 months you confirm how you did and the final impact is calculated. 


Pretty freakin' cool.  

Here's how we are doing so far...


One Planet : One Pledge + began life within our original Hip Hop Theatre show 'Live Forever' which premiered in June 2022. The production explored climate change with a mission to empower the young people performing, and their audiences, to take immediate action & create positive change for our planet. We wanted to reach beyond the stage to ensure a longer-lasting impact and so our 'real-life' campaign was launched. 


Through community, empowerment and joy we can change the world. 

Because no one is too small to make a difference. 

One Planet : One Pledge + was officially launched on 22 April 2022; Earth day. 


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