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The following Terms and Conditions govern attendance at GreenRoomCollective (GRC) activities (weekly classes, workshops, holiday courses, theatre trips, private tuition and any future activity provided by GRC).

1. Health & Safety | 2. Booking Your Place | 3. Fees & Payment | 4. Late Payment | 5. Discounts | 6. Cancellation & Withdrawal | 7. Refunds | 8. Leaving Procedure | 9. Absence | 10. Clothing | 11. Physical Correction & Direction | 12. Supervision | 13. Conduct | 14. Liability | 15. Changes to Advertised Information | 16. Narcotics & Alcohol | 17. Intellectual Property | 18. Image & Recording | 19. Privacy | 20. Parental/ Guardian Consent |  21. Contact Methods | 22. Amendments to these Terms & Conditions



1.1    I am/my child is in good physical and emotional health and able to join in GreenRoomCollective activities and events.


1.2    Care is taken for the safety and good health of all GRC participants. In the event of any sickness the GRC directors/teachers reserve the right to send a participant home or to not accept them into the activity upon their arrival if they believe they are unwell.  If a participant has vomited or had diarrhoea in the previous 48 hours to a GRC activity they will not attend that activity, nor until 48 hours has passed with no symptoms.   


1.3    In the event that a participant requires special medication, x-ray or treatment beyond that which is available at a GRC activity, the parents/guardians will be notified immediately and will be charged with any additional expense of transportation and special care. 


1.4     GRC requires that children who have potentially life threatening conditions, such as allergies, to be able to manage their exposure to those substances, and to be familiar with the use of any associated medication. 


1.5    In addition, all details of any medical/ behavioural condition and/or allergy and/or special educational need a child has must be provided to GRC at the time of enrolment, and information on any medication that may need to be administered to a child whilst in the care of GRC must also be provided. This information must be continuously kept up-to-date by their parent/guardian.


1.6    The GRC directors/teachers, independently or with the advice of GRC teachers or staff, reserve the right to dismiss a child who is, in their opinion, a hazard to the safety and rights of others, or who appears to have disobeyed reasonable GRC controls. (See 13. Conduct.]




2.1    To book a place for you/your child in a GreenRoomCollective activity or event, please create an account with our online booking and payment provider via the GRC website,, and ‘enrol’ the relevant youth/adult members. You may then book GRC activities for the members of your account, make payment, and amend member details through this online system. 


2.2    Please note that places are allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, upon receipt of an online booking and payment. Regular activities (weekly classes) will have their participant places reserved from term to term. Should your payment for this regular activity cease, we will notify you and attempt to collect payment. If your payment cannot be collected by a given date, your place will be opened up to anyone wishing to book. 


2.3     All GRC online accounts, bookings and payments must be created and authorised by a parent or guardian.


2.4    In the event of an activity being fully booked, we will place any enquiries on a waiting list, and/or endeavour to allocate a space on an alternative activity suitable to the participant’s age with your agreement. We will notify participants on waiting lists if/when a space becomes available on their required activity. 


2.5    Enquiries into availability of any GRC activity are welcome at any time. 




3.1    Details of current fees are set out on our website and/or can be given upon request.

3.2    All GRC regular activity (weekly classes) fees are payable monthly, by Direct Debit via our online booking and payment system. All other GRC activities/events are payable at the time of booking.


3.3    GreenRoomCollective activity fees must be paid via the GRC online system. GRC does not accept payment by any other method, with the exception of schools/ community groups requesting and arranging an alternative method prior to commencement of the GRC activity.


3.4    All absences from GRC activities must be paid for whether authorised or unauthorised.


3.5  No discounts or refunds will be given if you withdraw early from a GRC activity. You will still be liable to pay for the full activity payment term. (See 6. Cancellation & Withdrawal.)


3.6    With the exception of new students enrolling during term time, no deductions/discounts can be made for missed classes. (Exceptions can be made at GreenRoomCollective’s artistic director’s discretion in certain circumstances, for example: long-term illness or injury. See 6. Cancellation & Withdrawal.)



4.1    Should your fee payment for a regular GRC activity you attend not have been made we will notify you and make repeated attempts to collect the monies. Should your fee payment still not have been received, GRC reserves the right to offer your child’s place to another on the waiting list, and/or booking will be opened up to anyone wishing to participate.

4.2   GreenRoomCollective shall be entitled, at our discretion, to refuse that student admission into the activity until the outstanding sums are paid. In certain cases, that student may be refused their place in their chosen activity indefinitely, and their place be given to a student on the waiting list. Payment of outstanding fees up to that point would still be due. 


4.3    If we require to instruct a debt collection company to recover any fees due to us, including half a term’s fees owed where the required notice was not given upon a student deciding to leave, we shall be entitled to recover any additional monies over and above the fees outstanding to reflect our costs in having to take such action.




5.1    Details of discounts available can be found on our website, via the online booking system or by making an enquiry. 




Cancellation prior to commencement:


6.1    The payment of any GreenRoomCollective activity is non-refundable where a cancellation is made within two weeks of the subsequent activity commencing. For cancellations prior to this two-week deadline there is a 20% cancellation fee. 


6.2    Cancellations accompanied by a valid written explanation from a doctor within two weeks of the subsequent activity commencing will be re-funded, excluding a 20% administration fee. Cancellations made prior to this two-week deadline, with a valid written explanation from a doctor, will be re-funded in full. 


6.3    GRC reserves the right to cancel activities that do not receive a minimum number of bookings, in which case fees paid will be fully refunded. (See 7. Refunds.)


6.4    GRC reserves the right to cancel any GRC activity, so long as a minimum of one week's notice is given. 


Cancellation/withdrawal after commencement:


6.5    In the case of withdrawal from a GreenRoomCollective regular activity (weekly class) where a valid written explanation from a doctor is provided, it will be possible for the remaining month's balance to be refunded, or, if the child wishes to hold their place so that they may return to their class when back to full health, the monthly membership fee can be reduced at GRC's Artistic Director's discretion. 


6.6    In the case of withdrawal during a GRC holiday course, where a valid written explanation from a doctor is provided, no refund will be given. 


6.7    No refund or discount will be made for dismissals due to disciplinary action, late arrivals or early departures. In the case of weekly classes, our notice period would be upheld. 


6.8    Should a GRC activity have to be cancelled due to unavoidable/ irresolvable teacher illness or personal emergency, the activity will be re-scheduled for an alternative date, or, where this is not possible, fees paid for that activity will be re-funded. (See 7. Refunds.)




6.9    Should it be necessary to cancel a GRC activity due to pandemic, epidemic, national crisis, severe weather, or any circumstances outside of GreenRoomCollective’s control, fees cannot be returned nor compensation made for any period of lost training/rehearsal. In these circumstances GRC will post updates and information on our website/social media outlets, and endeavour to contact all participants/ parents/ guardians. 




7.1    Any refunds that are owed by GreenRoomCollective pertaining to a GRC activity will be made via our online booking and payment system or by online bank transfer within 30 days of the end of that activity. 


7.2    Where a refund is owed by GRC pertaining to cancellation of a GRC activity in its entirety, due to the number of enrolments being less than the minimum required, fees paid will be fully refunded, via our online booking and payment system or by online bank transfer, within 30 days of the notice of cancellation date.


7.3    Where a refund is owed by GRC pertaining to cancellation of a GRC activity due to unavoidable/ irresolvable leader illness or personal emergency, and where it is not possible to re-schedule the part/full activity/event, fees paid for that part/ full activity/ event, will be re-funded, via our online booking and payment system or by online bank transfer, within 30 days of the notice of cancellation date.




8.1    Our notice period is one month, following the month in which you give notice. Notice is required in writing for students wishing to leave a regular GRC activity (weekly class). 

8.2    GreenRoomCollective cannot be held responsible for the late arrival of written correspondence, via post or email, advising of a decision to leave. 


8.3    Confirmation of receipt of a decision to leave will be acknowledged in writing at the first available opportunity. Only when you have received acknowledgment in writing of receipt of your decision, will the notice period commence.




9.1    If you are going to be absent from a GRC activity please report this to GreenRoomCollective via telephone or email as soon as you are aware that you are unable to attend, so that this can be reported to the GRC teacher and any necessary adaptations to the activity plan can be made.




10. 1    Students should always arrive in appropriate clothing (conforming to the following guidelines and not bearing any vulgar, explicit, disrespectful or similarly offensive image or text), footwear and GRC branded clothing ready to start all GRC activities on time. 


10.2    Students not arriving in GRC branded clothing and/or appropriate clothing are at risk of injury to themselves and others, and will not be able to participate safely or fully in their activity. GreenRoomCollective therefore reserves the right to refuse entry to an activity to any student not wearing appropriate clothing or footwear.


10.3    Inappropriate items will have to be removed before participation in an activity. GRC will not be liable for loss or damage to items of clothing, footwear or jewellery brought to any GRC activity.


10.4    Participants will not be permitted to participate in any class or workshop in socks. Suitable shoes, or bare feet where appropriate, must be worn at all times. 



10.5    Students are required to wear a GRC branded t-shirt, trousers, shorts or leggings (no skirts) that can be easily moved in, shoes or trainers suitable for moving around in and an optional GRC branded hoodie/ sweatshirt.


10.6    Minimal jewellery should be worn (studded earrings, watch, soft bracelets), and no items that could become caught on clothing or another item, or cause harm to the wearer or other students. 


10.7    Additional GRC branded clothing items are available to students, but not compulsory. 



10.8    Students are required to wear a GRC branded t-shirt, soft trousers, shorts (a cotton or tracksuit type material, no skirts) or leggings that can be easily moved in, supportive trainers suitable for jumping/moving around in and an optional GRC branded hoodie/ sweatshirt. 


10.9    Suitable shoes are essential as they provide protection for the feet from impact on the floor and allow for sliding and turning in the Street Dance style. 


10.10    No jewellery (with the exception of studded earrings) is permitted. 


10.11    Additional GRC branded clothing items are available to students, but not compulsory. 



10.12    Participants are required to wear clothing (t-shirts, tops, trousers, shorts, leggings) that can be easily moved in and dance shoes or trainers suitable for jumping/ dancing/ moving around in. 


10.13    GRC branded clothing items are available for participants, but not compulsory. 


10.14    Minimal jewellery should be worn (studded earrings, watch, soft bracelets), and no items that could become caught on clothing or another item, or cause harm to the wearer or other participants. Jewellery items may need to be removed for dance/movement workshops, and GreenRoomCollective will not be liable for loss or damage to items of jewellery brought to any GRC academy. 




11.1    There may be times when GreenRoomCollective teachers use physical intervention in respect of good teaching (adjusting arm lines, for example). This is necessary in vocational training in order to provide safe and effective teaching of performing arts; where our body is our tool and instrument. 




12.1    It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure their child is supervised outside of the specified GreenRoomCollective activity times. 


12.2    It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure safe delivery and collection of their child to and from each GRC activity. If a parent/guardian is happy for their child to travel to and from their activity without adult supervision or alone they must provide this consent on the online member enrolment form for their child. 


12.3    It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify GRC leaders of who will be collecting their child/ren before the beginning of each activity, if not themselves. 




Participants are expected to:


13.1     attend their GreenRoomCollective activity punctually. 


13.2     attend their GRC activity dressed and groomed appropriately. (See 10.  Clothing.)


13.3    switch off their mobile telephone, and all other devices, while attending their activity, with the exception of Theatre Trips where parents have given permission for participants to bring mobile phones in case of emergency.


13.4    listen to, and follow, instructions from all GRC teachers.


13.5    be courteous and polite to GRC teachers and fellow students.


13.6    behave sensibly and responsibly at all times, being aware of their own safety and the safety of others.


13.7    GRC will not tolerate repeated indiscipline, bullying (see the GRC Safeguarding Policy, Procedures & Codes of Practice; Anti-bullying Policy, available on our website or upon request) or any other form of abuse. GRC reserves the right to dismiss any child guilty of serious misconduct, including but not limited to: breach of the above guidelines, rudeness, disrespect, disruptive behavior or continual unwillingness to participate in an activity. Our three stage disciplinary procedure (see the GRC Safeguarding Policy, Procedures & Codes of Practice; Disciplinary Procedure, available on our website or upon request) will be followed in the instance that any child is considered to be guilty of repeated indiscipline or serious misconduct. 




14.1     GreenRoomCollective shall not be responsible or liable for any loss, accident, or damage to property, suffered by a student. 


14.2    No valuables are required at GRC activities. GRC will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused to valuables. 




15.1    Occasionally, GreenRoomCollective may need to change the venue for activities. In this instance we will let participants and parents/guardians know in advance.


15.2    GRC reserves the right to change advertised activities/academy staff and content.




16.1     No narcotics or alcohol will be brought onto the premises where any GreenRoomCollective activity is taking place, with the exception of alcoholic refreshments being served at a performance. In this instance, alcoholic refreshments will be in the care of a responsible adult at all times. 


16.2    No person, including parents/guardians, under the influence of narcotics or alcohol will be permitted to enter the premises where any GRC activity is taking place.




17.1    All GreenRoomCollective activity/event content, and online content, will remain the intellectual property of GreenRoomCollective. 




18.1    When enrolling yourself/ your child, you will be asked to give us permission to use images and recordings anonymously for GreenRoomCollective promotional purposes. These images may be used in publications, for training and archive purposes and/or on our website and/or social media outlets and/or as part of our community performance and production recordings. It is your right to refuse us this permission. 


18.2    GRC will take steps to ensure these images are used solely for the purpose for which they are intended - the promotion and celebration of the activity of the participants at GRC. (See the GRC Safeguarding Policy, Procedures & Codes of Practice; Image & Recording Policy, available on our website or upon request.) If you become aware that these images are being used inappropriately you should inform GRC immediately.


18.3    Participants and audiences will not be allowed to photograph or video the public watch weeks, showcases or productions. 


18.4    If at any time either the parent/guardian or the participant wishes the data to be removed from the website or from a publication, notice must be given to GRC in writing, after which the data will be removed, where reasonably possible,  at the earliest possible time.




19.1   The information you provide to GreenRoomCollective will remain confidential to GRC and will be shared only with its staff/teachers where necessary for the specific purpose of ensuring the good health and wellbeing of our students. This information is securely stored with our online booking system and payment provider and will not be passed to any third party, with the exception of it being required by a member of the emergency services as the result of an accident or an evacuation of a building, or being required by an examining body for entry for an examination, or being required by the local authority for an application for performance licensing, or for use on our chosen mailing-list platform for specific activity and marketing related communications, or our chosen accounting software for the purpose of invoicing you for a GRC activity. 



20.1    I, as a parent or guardian, have legal custody of the child enrolling at GreenRoomCollective and, if applicable, have informed GRC of any conditions of custody.


21.1    GreenRoomCollective will keep in contact with you via email, and occasionally phone call and text message, to provide you with information relating to GRC activities and projects that you are signed up to or that we think might be of interest. 


21.2    Please ensure that we have a current email address that you check regularly by which to contact you, and that the contact telephone numbers you provide us with are kept up-to-date. 


21.3    GRC can be contacted via email, telephone or through our website or social media outlets. 



22.1    These terms and conditions are subject to change and GreenRoomCollective reserves the right to amend or replace them at any time. GRC will notify its customers if any changes or amendments are made and where they can access up-to-date copies. 



If you have a query regarding any of the above terms and conditions, please contact GreenRoomCollective immediately.

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