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GRC in Schools

GreenRoomCollective deliver 2 options: One off 'Discovery' workshops or a series of more in depth workshops called 'Voyager'. Choose which package suits your school and then select what type of workshop you'd like. 


One-off workshops


Compliment your students’ learning, activate their bodies and inspire their minds, or simply treat them to a different, exciting approach to a subject with a ‘Discovery’ workshop.


Focus on one GRC activity, or a combination, over a half or full day. Suitable for every student, these group workshops offer an introduction to techniques in drama, dance or relaxation whilst also developing valuable life skills and complimenting classroom topics. 


Regular workshops


Give your students an opportunity to build on their skills and develop their learning across a six-session ‘Voyager’ course; a progressive series where the students can enjoy the benefits of extended exposure to, and participation in, NX-GEN Drama, MOMENTUM Street Dance or Relax Kids.


Voyager courses work with your term schedule and follow a six-week course (based on one workshop per week*).

Alternatively, the six workshops could be scheduled into a shorter length of time – for example, two workshops a week for three weeks.


  • Voyager courses are suitable for group or one-to-one workshops.

  • A different year group could enjoy a workshop each week.

  • A regular group of gifted and talented students.

  • An opportunity for students who would benefit from some focussed time out of the classroom.

It's up to you!

Workshop Options

Workshops are built around the weekly classes structures of MOMENTUM Street Dance and NX-GEN Drama. Laura is also a qualified practitioner of the renowned Relax Kids programme. 

MOMENTUM Street Dance


Experience feel-good, physical expression and get Groovy!


Street Dance is a social dance - the most important aspects being the groove and the joy of the dance.


Through a fun, easy and funky session, students will learn energetic, varied street dance foundation steps and imaginative combinations, whilst improving their co-ordination, rhythm and technique, building confidence in performing in a group and also keeping fit and active.


Students will learn authentic moves from core street dance styles, including Hip Hop, Locking and Breaking – and begin to uncover the interesting and entertaining history of the dance style. Laura trains with Urban Strides and is a qualified teacher of Authentic Street Dance.

NX-GEN Drama


Build confidence collaborating with classmates and creatively explore a subject!


Through fun games, inclusive exercises and improvisations, students will creatively engage with a topic or subject, be encouraged to contribute their own ideas, express their feelings and opinions, and consider the given theme from a number of angles and/or views.


Students will have the opportunity to develop skills in acting, movement, voice, imagination, energy and focus and furthermore in teamwork, social-interaction, empathy and self-esteem.

Relax Kids


Move, Play, Stretch, Breathe, Massage, Be Positive, Meditate…


Relax Kids is the UK's leading expert in children's relaxation. Regular relaxation can help children manage stress and anxiety while improving their concentration, focus and listening skills. Relax Kids can also improve creativity and imagination and build confidence and self-esteem.


Relax Kids products and classes can have a positive effect on children with autism, hyperactivity, stress and sleeping problems, trauma, OCD, disruptive behaviour, depression, low self-esteem and anxiety issues. Relax Kids relaxation has also helped children cope with a range of stressful situations including bullying, exams, parental divorce, bereavement, long term illness, hospital and doctor's appointments – and it can work wonders in the classroom!

The right package for you...

Discovery Workshops:


Half day (up to 3 workshops) - £180 Full Day (up to 5 workshops) - £250

Voyager Workshops:


6 workshops in your chosen activity £360


Double up on Voyager courses: run two or more Voyager workshops back to back and enjoy further discounts:


6 x Double Voyager - £600

6 x Triple Voyager - £810

You can also choose when to run your workshops:




We recommend the following times for our Discovery and Voyager workshops but are happy to adapt the length to suit your timetable:


Foundation & Key Stage 1: 45 minutes

Key Stage 2+ : 1 hour




Wake-Up Workshops – Before the school day begins

Lunchtime Pop-Ups – During lunchtime

School Take-Over – Straight after school

Timetable Treat - During the school day (in place of PE, as part of your PPA cover or similar)

If you are interested in finding out more about our schools workshops or booking us to come and work with your students, I would be very pleased to meet with you at your school in person to talk you through our activities in further detail and share our ethos with you. I am also happy to join you and your teachers (perhaps as part of a staff meeting) so as to speak collectively about the activities and the benefits to your students, upon booking workshops for your school.


Our schools pack, outlining the structure and content of our schools workshops and including previous feedback.

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