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Please carefully read and action our safe-working guidelines and expectations in advance of lessons commencing. 





  • Students must ensure that their space is clear of furniture, wires, leads, open flames, pets and other objects in order to avoid collision/ breakage during class, and maintain spacial awareness throughout the lesson.

  • Students must ensure that they are in good health and able to safely participate in any virtual class before commencing their lesson. Students must inform the teacher of any injury/ illness that may affect their ability to participate in the class, or any part of the class, before commencement. Students, with parental/carer support, must ensure they go at their own pace. 

  • Students must have access to water throughout the class i.e. a named water bottle to hand.

  • Students should go to the toilet before their class begins to avoid having to leave during the class.




  • Students must ensure that the name that appears on their ‘Zoom’ account matches exactly their name as it appears on the register, or they will not be permitted access into the virtual class. 

  • A ‘waiting room’ will be set up so that the teacher - or meeting ‘host’ - must manually permit access to participants. 

  • A link/ Meeting ID and Passcode specific to the ‘meeting room’ will be sent directly to the student’s parent/ carer and the ‘meetings’ will be password protected. 

  • Parents of ‘Junior’ and ‘Intermediate' students (ages 5-13) are encouraged to remain in the room with the student (even to join in out of sight), or at least to be within sight and sound of the student, throughout their lesson in order to support with navigating the technology, by way of encouragement should it become necessary and in case of an emergency (medical or otherwise). 

  • All students must have a parent/ carer within the immediate vicinity and within ear-shot of the student in case of an emergency (medical or otherwise). 

  • Lessons must always be conducted from an appropriate space within the remote location i.e. a communal space such as living-room, kitchen (and not a bedroom/bathroom). 

  • Students will dress appropriately for the activity of a class i.e. GRC uniform, dance-wear, jewellery removed, supportive footwear.

  • Chat functions will be set up so that participants can message the teacher only. 

  • Record functions will be disabled. 

  • The GRC virtual learning platform is to be used for lessons only. We recommend that students under 14 years of age use their parent’s/ carer’s account, rather than having their own. 

  • Students must ensure that their ‘frame’ is well-chosen and appropriate. Students must be mindful of presenting a background clear of personal items/information, and setting their device at a suitable height (i.e. a table top).

  • In the case that a student presents themselves or behaves inappropriately the lesson will be terminated immediately, or that student will be removed from the ‘meeting’, and the reason communicated afterwards. Any further action necessary will be taken.

  • Should any part of a virtual class be recorded the teacher will advise so at the beginning of the class. Any student without Model Release Consent/ wishing not to be recorded will be advised to turn their video off but keep their sound on so the teacher can still hear them. The student should be aware that this will temporarily limit their class experience (i.e. the teacher will be unable to give individual feedback). 

For further information regarding any of these points please refer to our Terms and Conditions and Policies, available on our website -, and directly to Zoom’s Terms of Service -




  • Please join your meeting 5 minutes before the start of the class. The teacher needs to confirm everyone before they enter the ‘room’ and any late arrivals or students arriving at the exact start time of the class will hold up commencement of the class.

  • We will allow a grace period of 5 minutes after the class start time to permit late comers. After this time students will not be able to join due to the nature of virtual entry and to ensure an effective warm up. 

  • Please ensure that your device is fully charged and within close proximity of WiFi to provide the best signal/connectivity possible.




Download ‘Zoom’ for free onto your device of choice - please do so as soon as possible to give us plenty of time to help with any technical issues before your class.


We encourage using a large screen and device that has a front facing camera and microphone.


Download Methods:

For computer/laptop - - select the first option entitled ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’.

For phone/tablet - click on your devices App Store, search for ‘Zoom’ and download.


Once ‘Zoom’ is downloaded on your device you will be able to open ‘Zoom’ and join your class ‘meeting’ by using the link and/or Meeting ID and Passcode sent directly to your email inbox. 




  • GRC cannot be held responsible for disruption to class caused by a participant’s internet strength/connectivity. 

  • GRC cannot be held responsible for injury, illness or damage that occurs during an online class.

  • GRC cannot administer first-aid during an online class.


By using any GreenRoomCollective virtual learning materials of any description, you agree to waive all liability and hold harmless GreenRoomCollective for any injury to yourself, your child, or others, and for any damage to property. You agree you/your child is engaging in this activity at your own risk.



By booking a virtual class you are agreeing to the guidelines set out above, and understand and accept the Virtual/Distance Learning disclaimer. 




  • Dress appropriately as you would for a live class (avoid wearing school uniform).

  • Go to the loo. 

  • Set up in a communal area. 

  • Clear your space. 

  • Have bottled water to hand. 

  • Ensure that your device is fully charged or connected to power. 

  • Set your device at/with an appropriate height and frame.

  • Ensure your name matches our register.

  • Log in 5 minutes before your class start time. 

  • Grab your GRC ‘Post Pack’!

  • Smiles & good vibes at the ready - let’s go!

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