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Can my child come for a free trial?

Yes, absolutely. As long as there is a space available, you are welcome to join us for a free first class to experience what we do. If you love it you can enrol into the GRC family ahead of your next class! You can book your free trial here.


Do you do performances? 

Oh yes! Every year we devise either a community performance or a full-scale original Hip Hop Theatre production in a professional venue. There is no pressure to perform (and plenty of ways to be involved) plus our shows are always testament to our amazing creative community, empowering and joyful. We also run open classes through the year so that friends and family of our students can share in their experience and celebrate their achievements. 


How does your pricing work? 

We know how precious time is - especially for families - so our pricing and payment system is simple, all-inclusive and faff-free. Everything - yes, everything - linked to our weekly classes is included in your budget-friendly monthly fee; classes, welcome t-shirt, performances, full-scale productions and a state-of-the-art booking system - plus you get priority booking for our holiday courses and masterclasses and become part of our exclusive Fam-Zone. 


What is the GRC Fam-Zone?

Our Fam-Zone is an exclusive Facebook group for our weekly class students and their families. It is rich with resources, access to parent support, activity packs, playlists and more. It’s a vibrant home for us all outside of classes to celebrate, inspire, share and connect. 


Do you offer a multiple booking discount?

Yep! If your child attends two weekly classes with us then their second class is discounted. This is because certain one-off production costs (specific to each individual) have already been covered in your first class fee - and we only want to charge you for those once. 


Do you offer a sibling discount?

We thought long and hard about this one and figured it was actually better if we offered the same lower rate to everyone! So, no matter how many children you book in with us, you know that they are all benefitting from our amazing training at the lowest possible price - #winning!


If a student knows, when production dates are announced, that they are unable to take part in the show then it's possible to reduce their monthly membership fee to exclude the show fee. However, it's worth mentioning that this would almost certainly prohibit them from being able to take part if they changed their mind at a later date. It wouldn't take away from their class experience though - our productions are created and developed in class with massive input from the students. The final show is a celebration of who we all are, individually and as a collective, and an opportunity to have a taste of public performance in a theatre. Whilst they are high-quality, the focus is most definitely on having a go, expressing ourselves and empowered story-telling. So there is plenty to get stuck into and to get out of our classes in the lead up to a show either way. It has also been our experience that even the shyest of students has thrived as part of our productions. 

what is your notice period?

Our notice period is one month following the month in which you give notice. So if you were to give notice to leave in October, your final payment would be in November.

Good To Know...

We care about YOU, not just what you can do. We are more than dance and drama training; we are about making great humans. We are about fostering a strong, positive and welcoming community, about empowering young people to embrace who they truly are and to achieve greatness, and about experiencing joy in all that we do together. We tell you why and how in our Ethos


We are ‘green’ by name and nature. The future of our planet and of the generations to come is important to us. From our clothing to our stationary, our energy supplier to production assets - we are consciously caring for our world as well as our people. Learn how in our Eco Pledge

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