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Community is important; collective identity nurtures a sense of belonging (and the family vibe we are proud of at GRC).


That's why we ask that for class everyone have a Hoodie or Sweatshirt ​and a T-shirt - there’s lots of great designs to choose from. 

Team them with clothes and shoes you can easily move in; we love a jazzy legging, bright tracksuit trousers or shorts, cool ‘kicks’ and funky trainers! As long as you can do your thing in comfort and safety, it’s cool with us. 

GRC Shop Tees.png

Saving the world, one tee at a time

The future of our planet, and of our young people, matters to us.


All of our clothing is made from certified organic natural materials, using renewable energy, and is designed to be sent back when it is worn out - to be made into new products, not waste.


We only order what people actually need, when they need it and it arrives in plastic free packaging.


Sustainable clothing is just one part of our Eco Pledge. So you can feel good while you look good!

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