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For kids – and adults alike – that love to party, GRC offers an upbeat, creative and fun variety of party packages to keep you and your guests groovy!


All our party packages include unique choreography created especially for your celebration and to your favourite music, and a final ‘performance’ track edited exclusively for you. 


For kids – and adults alike – that love to party, GRC offers an upbeat, creative and fun variety of party packages to keep you and your guests groovy!


We can tailor our parties to suit you and your and friends, adapting the features to suit; have your favourite music, street dance styles, super-hero characters, songs, personal lyrics and more!


The Party Superstar! All our parties aim to make the party 'Superstar' feel just so; with moments to shine in the final routine or during their adventure and lots of opportunity to interact, play and get groovy with all of their friends. Everyone should have an exciting and inspiring time at the party and the party host should be at the centre of it all. 


If there’s a special person at the centre of your party (a birthday, special achiever, retiree or hen) they can enjoy being the ‘star’ of their personalised routine, song or interactive adventure, and they’ll receive their unique track - edited exclusively for them - on CD, or a memento of their special journey to keep. 


Lively groups will be inspired with engaging games, fun new skills and groovy moves before receiving a certificate for their energetic and imaginative achievements.


There’s something for everyone - from encouraging creativity and self-confidence to channeling energy to finding an activity suitable for both boys and girls!

MOMENTUM Street Dance Party – Authentic Street Dance


  • Themed Games

  • Warm Up

  • Specially Edited Party Trac

  • Unique Authentic Street Dance Choreograph

  • Unique Street Dance party certificate for every party-goer

  • Personalised CD and card - for the special party host

  • Showtime! Package Available

Ages 5 - Adult
1 Hour
Starting from £120 for 20 Party-goers

Stage Stars Party –

Musical Theatre ‘Glee-Club’ Style!


  • Themed Games

  • Warm Up

  • Personalised Lyric

  • Unique Choreograpy

  • Unique Stage Star party certificate for every party-goer.

  • Personalised CD and card - for the special party host

  • Showtime! Package Available

Ages 7 - Adult
1 Hour
Starting from £120 for 20 Party-goers

Magical Adventure or Super Hero Party – Drama Role-Play with 


  • Singing and Movement

  • Themed Games

  • Interactive Story-telling

  • Drama role-play, singing and movement

  • Props, costume and (optional) gift items incorporated

  • Unique themed party certificate for every party-goer.

  • Personalised card and memento - for the special party host



Ages 3 - 7
45 Mins
Starting from £90 for 20 Party-goers
Optional Extras – 



I can stay for the duration of the rest of the party and help serve refreshments, support creative activities you may have planned (such as making accessories), sing Happy Birthday, keep the children entertained with games where necessary, and then run a performance of the Street Dance or Stage Star routine for all of the families when they arrive to collect. - £25 per additional 30 minutes



With the permission of the party guests' parents, and confirmation of no allergies, the children can each have a Mini Makeover before the performance; Glitter hairspray for the girls, Temporary Tattoos for the boys and similar! This could be applied during time allocated for refreshments as part of our Showtime package. - £1 per child




Timings - Our timings are suited to the party activities and ages of the party-goers. The stated times are pure party entertainment; our arrival and departure times are outside of the hour or 45 minutes. We also offer optional extras for you to extend your party with, should you wish.  


Venue – A light, spacious venue is required to run a safe and energetic party. Village halls, community centres and leisure centres usually offer great spaces for parties. 


Numbers - As long as the venue is big enough to accommodate the children and there are enough responsible adults on hand to supervise then I am happy to have a group of up to 30 kids (about a class size from school). We will entertain the party-goers singlehandedly(!) but to do so requires other responsible adults to help with toilet trips, drinks - and to be on hand in case of an emergency.


Something special for your exciting day AND complimentary entertainment for your younger guests. 

Something special for your exciting day AND complimentary entertainment for your younger guests. 



First Dance Wedding Package

For couples with a desire to surprise their wedding guests with an up-tempo duet, or to impress with a simple and confident glide across the dance floor, Laura offers light-hearted and fun sessions with you both to create a brand new classic and a very memorable moment.


Package Includes:


All About You

Time face to face, on the phone or online, whichever suits you best, for us to learn all about you both so that we can create a dance that reflects your personalities and your ideal moment.

  • What feel do you want your first dance to have?

  • What other ideas or plans have you got for the day?

  • Would you like to impress with a romantic Waltz across the floor or a surprise Hip Hop routine…?

Your Specially Tailored Music

Laura can help you choose your music by hearing all about your top tunes and/or offering suggestions, whether it be a single romantic ballad or a mash up of your all time favourites.


Your final choice/s will then be edited especially for you, to create the perfect accompaniment to your desired first dance.

Your Unique Choreography

Laura will then create a dance to your chosen music and in your desired style, as simple or as complicated as you wish.


The choreography can always be adapted as you learn too, so no need to worry about fancy footwork or lofty lifts!

Time Together - Dance Tuition

Each hour of tuition offers light-hearted quality time together as Laura takes you step-by-step through your unique choreography. Laura’s fun approach and relaxed teaching style ensures you’ll enjoy learning your dance and share laughter along the way. Dance tuition can be arranged to suit you, either in a few long sessions or for an hour once a week in the lead up to your special day, and can be held at a venue local to you, at your home or Laura can arrange a venue for you (additional hire charges may apply).


Dancing is a wonderful feeling - especially when you’re doing it with your loved one - hence the wedding tradition of a first dance, so the most important thing is always to enjoy being creative together and have fun expressing who you are as a couple.


All packages include ‘All About You’, ‘Tailored Music’ and ‘Unique Choreography’ as well as the given number of tuition hours:


3 hours tuition - £150

4 hours tuition - £185

5 hours tuition - £220


Additional tuition can be arranged at the reduced rate of £25 per hour. 

Kids Break-feast!

We’ll even keep your younger guests entertained on the day with one of our party packages, allowing you and your guests to enjoy a delicious wedding breakfast and every word of the speeches while we play, eat and rehearse a short performance to entertain the grown-ups with!